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Feb 21, 2018

Advanced options, bug fixies and FAQ update

Implementing some TF2 settings functionaliny along with improved FAQ and a couple of other minor things.

Advanced options tab:

New tab that helps you to configure advanced settings that some of the users tend to have different than the default ones. Those settings will be set to default recommended unless selected otherwise.

  • Fast weapon switch
  • Colorblind mode
  • Advanced spectator HUD
  • Use player model in player class HUD
  • Disable HTML MOTDs
  • Suicide after choosing a player class
  • Medic: Medi Gun autoheal
  • Medic: Patient mark
  • Spy: Concise disguise menu
  • Sniper: Sniper Rifle re-zoom
  • Sniper: Fully charged Sniper Rifle sound
  • Sniper: Hide crosshair when zoomed in

FAQ update

Need some help? See the FAQ first - now with 100% more navigation!

  • Improved config uninstall instructions

Bounce checker is back

Some of you may have used the “hidden” section of the site - Bounce Checker by Tyrael (huge props for making this!). It has now returned back at the old URL with a new theme and night mode support. Use our short url, there is no longer need to search for the file on your PC or search it on forums!

Minor and major site improvements:

  • Small styling fixies
  • Improved page loaders: for every single section of the site there now will be a loader of its’ own color.
  • Fixed missing loaders for post pages
  • Fixed a bug when Firefox users couldn’t download the config with custom hitsounds selected
  • Added cat