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Feb 17, 2018

Crosshair generator and more stuff

Ever wanted to have a specific crosshair for every weapon? Here is your chance.

VMT crosshair generator:

Do you remember when you always had to dig trough hundreds of script filenames, google for crosshair files, tutorials and feel the pain of manually creating those famous VMT crosshairs? Well, fear no more, because now you can do this in a couple of clicks! Try it out now (make sure to read all the warnings though!)

  • 57 custom crosshairs you can put on every specific weapon you want
  • Built-in nosmoke scripts
  • A complete list of crosshair script files for manual customization

Feature requests and bug reports are extremely welcome in our Discord server.

Config repository update:

  • 20+ new configs from various famous player all around the world

Minor and major site improvements:

  • Night mode! Click on a round icon in the site navbar to toggle between day/night mode. Your eyes will no longer burn when generating configs at night.
  • The site itself has migrated to Jekyll to speed up the development process. If you were directly contributing to the site, make sure to take a look at the new repository and file paths. This also means that some bugs may occur, please let me know if you find something.
  • Minor styling improvements
  • Added binds execution to class configs so all the binds automatically update on class change.
  • The blog itself has moved to a site category instead of subdomain.