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Jan 12, 2018

New stuff: mastercomfig, small tweaks and improvements

Brace yourselves, the mastercomfig is coming to town!

Client config generator 2.6.1:

Try it out now!

  • Added mastercomfig 6.3.0-b5 with the following presets and detailed descriptions: default, comp, compquality, maxperformance, maxquality, midquality, badgpu, stripped
  • Removed Felik’s config
  • 322 new screenshots for old and new configs carefully taken by yours truly. Skin and killstreak effects previews.
  • Updated nohats mod to the latest version, including headsfeet (thanks, xJeebsx!)
  • Crosshair switcher customizer now has a “default” preset - no more setting all the crosshairs up one by one manually!
  • Fixed native resolution detection that was always set to 1920:1080 by default.
  • Default and “Bad connection” network settings were tweaked (thanks to mastercoms).
  • Added “cl_smooth” field.
  • Obscure “Competitive connection” was replaced by “133 tickrate connection” as requested by multiple people and

Server generator update 1.0.1b:

  • Temporarty removed Metamod and Sourcemod section that was not working properly

Other stuff:

  • I’m working on the weapon-specific VMT crosshair generator. It is very close to the final state, but there is still some work to do. If you are familiar with crosshair replacement and willing to help, you can take a look at this list and check if everything is right there.
  • Screenshot instructions. This can be used to take your own screenshots at the exact same position and with the same camera FOV as they present on the site.
  • Promotional banners repository. Wanna help me to promote the site so more people could experience the joy of generating fine configs? Pick any of the following banners and use it on your site. Thanks.

As usual, please report any bugs and leave your suggestions here or in this thread.

If you still don’t know - we have a discord server where you can ask any config and site-related questions and talk to me directly. Come join us, there usually are some people hanging around willing to help newbies and maybe solve some of your problems! This is a good place to follow the updates and get up-to-date information about future ones.