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Apr 29, 2017

Class-specific settings and more

Yet another update has been released.

  • Class-specific settings. Set any binds for any class you want.
  • Config preview zoom. You can now click on config preview images to look at all the details closely.
  • More launch options. Added an optional select of -novid and -console.
  • You can now select between resolution presets if you want to run the game in lower resolution.
  • Added tips on how to disable flames for Pyro while using crosshair switcher.
  • Reworked most of the configs to have more clean aliases and added more cvars (disabling annoying popups like when you run the game mode for the first time, etc.).
  • Added cool big button instead of old little green button somewhere.
  • Added fancy global overlay - every page of the site now has a spinning tf logo while loading. And it has the different color for each part of the site too!
  • Improved the look of config repository, added a bit of configs (big thanks to flyingbuddy for providing a lot of Jasmine Tea players’ custom stuff)
  • Minor design tweaks
  • Improved the look of server config generator. replaced boolean settings with “yes/no” instead of 1/0