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Apr 18, 2017

First rather huge update

Our first rather huge site update:

Thanks to xiyzzc for contributing:

  • The footer was reworked with proper bootstrap columns so that its responsive on small screens
  • Slight frontpage rework
  • Config preview rework. Configs currently have a slideshow of 5 pl_badwater images, and pros/cons are 2 columns underneath.
  • Added Felik’s “Low End”, “Eye Candy” configs
  • Config images are lazy loaded with unveil.js so that the user doesn’t download them all at once. Loading triggers from the dropdown selection. - Minor text rework
  • Fixed a bug when Firefox users could not generate configs with hitsound files included

Funtionality improvements 2.2:

  • Added a binds section where you can easily manage your key settings / added an option to NOT bind anything for other than QWERTY keyboard users
  • Added CastingEssentials addon
  • Added an option to set up a toggle bind for viewmodels
  • Added an option to use left-handed viewmodels
  • Added a small config database
  • You can now select minimal viewmodels for specific weapons in crosshair switcher settings

Minor fixies:

  • Fixed broken slider
  • Improved shadows on the landing page
  • Removed duplicate hitsound
  • Polished desctiptions for some settings, added compatibility notices