About CFG.TF

CFG.TF is a free open-source cross-platform Team Fortress 2 config generator. Even if TF2 is an old game, it has gone through so much updates and patches that it is now nearly impossible to make it run at constant 120+ frames per second on mid-tier PC. And that is absolutely required for playing fast paced shooter comfortably. Ever dreamed of optimizing your game experience in just a few clicks? Well, here is your chance. This app generates a set of premade settings that helps your game to run faster and smoother.

How do I use it?

How it works

100% Javascript-powered, it works entirely in your browser. You can even download it from the GitHub page and run it offline on your computer!

In order to run a website on your PC, you will require a http server. If you use Node.js on Windows, you can run npm install -g http-server and launch it from server.bat from the project root. Alternatively, just open the relevent index.html file in your browser. make/index.html for client configs, server/index.html for server configs.

Stuff used:


Sweet thanks to people who contributed and made original configs I use here: Comanglia, broesel, also Hrbls, Tricky_X, xJeebsx and springrolls for taking care of the NoHatsMod. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports and general feedback. I would also like to thank people that contributed directly to this site by submiting pull requests to improve it. Special thanks to xiyzzc for doing huge work for this site by improving all my concept code. Another big thank-you goes to maximsmol for refactoring huge amount of code and taking care of most of the scripts here.