Frequently Asked Questions

How to make and install the config using this site?

  • Fill all the necessary information in the forms. Make sure you went through all the tabs before pressing "Generate config" button. Most of the settings are already set for optimal TF2 performance at mid-quality PCs. Every confusing parameter has a question mark you can hover on to get a detailed explaination on what it is.
  • Press the "Generate config" button. Once finished, your browser will download an archive. Extract it to your "Team Fortress 2/tf" folder. Usually it can be found in something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf".
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on white bar with text under "Launch options". Copy that. Right click on TF2 in your Steam Library, press 'Properties' and then 'Launch Options'. Paste given text there. Without this it may not work like its supposed to.
  • Thats it, you can now play.

Why do I need this?

Even though TF2 is an old game, it has gone through so many updates and patches that it is now quite difficult run it at 120+ frames per second on mid-tier PC. And that is absolutely required for playing fast paced shooter comfortably. This app generates a set of premade settings that helps your game to run faster and smoother.

How to uninstall the config?

To completely wipe your game and reset it back to vanilla settings, please follow those steps:

  • Delete all the files in tf/custom and tf/cfg folder. You can keep the HUD if you have one installed.
  • Verify your game files using Steam
  • Disable Steam Cloud
  • Remove everything from your launch options. Paste the following options instead: -novid -default -autoconfig +host_writeconfig +mat_savechanges +quit. Launch the game, it will close itself automatically shortly after.
  • Remove all launch options. You are now back to the stock TF2.

My game controls and binds act werid, some keys are not working.

Please make sure you have installed it on 100% default, clean TF2 with absolutely no configs and custom files. See the question above. If you are sure that you did everything right and that there is an error on this site - you are welcome to join our Discord where you can report a problem or ask for help.

Is there a chance to add X feature?

Yes! You are more then welcome to suggest anything you'd like. If it is reasonable and is possible to implement, it is going directly to the to-do list. Hit us up on Discord!

The file/config is outdated.

We try to keep all the stuff up to date, but since there are no static links provided by config authors, all the files have to be updated manually so there may be a delay. Feel free to inform us if we need to update anything.

Can I put my own settings or binds? How do I do that?

Of course you can. There is a "Custom binds/settings" tab at the end of the generator where you can put any custom commands you like. They will overwrite existing settings so be careful. Also, its good to have a general idea about Source games scripting when doing things like this.

My TF2 looks like poop. I didn't select the worst config here.

First of all, make sure you are using the launch options provided. Secondly, remember - you will generally always have to sacrifice something to see a performance increase. Or spend a some of money on good PC and play without gfx config at all.

Where do I change settings after I have installed this?

Inside your /tf/cfg folder there are going to be several files:

binds.cfg - keyboard mappings

settings.cfg - general TF2 settings like viewmodels, hitsounds, advanced options, etc.

gfx.cfg - the entire graphics config.

network.cfg - network settings.

[class name].cfg - class-specific settings that are automatically applied when you change your class.

Also, if you want to configure your crosshairs and you have a crosshair switcher installed, check out CROSSHAIRSWITCHER-README.txt

For TF2 commands and variables reference you can use this page

Can I help you to improve the site?

If you are familiar with JavaScript and have some spare time - feel free to hit me up on Discord. If you feel like you are willing to contribute right now - feel free to fork the repository and submit a pull request.

Any bug reports also help us to improve the site. You can either create an issue on GitHub or hit us up with a message on Discord.

Willing to donate to keep us running? See the bottom of the about page.

Still have questions? Contact us on Discord.