TF2 custom config generator

This tool will overwrite all of your binds. It is recommended to be installed on a blank TF2, without any prior configs installed. Please make a backup of your CFG and custom folders before using this if you want to save your old binds. You can wipe your configs by clearing your custom and cfg folders and launching TF2 with -autoconfig launch option.

Graphic config

Determine the look and performance of your game

Remember - you will generally always have to sacrifice something to see a performance increase. Selecting a config will show a demonstration with the pros and cons of the config explained.

Key bindings

I'm pressing buttons!

Default key bindings on this page are intended to be used with QWERTY keyboards, if you use other layout you may want to change or disable them.

Key mappings

TF2 advanced options

The options below are set to default recommended for confortable gameplay. Please note that if you will change those options in game later, they will reset on TF2 restart.


Executed automatically

Custom configs

Executed manually

Demo Support

Automatically record games


VPK files


Viewmodel settings

Combat Text

Damage numbers that appear on screen

Combat Sounds

Sounds that play when you do damage

Sounds that play when you kill

Custom hitsounds and killsounds

There are already a few hitsounds that you can select from in the "Advanced Options" in-game menu. Optionally, you can select a custom hit/killsound (or choose none here and use your own one).

Click the icon to hear audio preview.

Connection settings

Don't alter these settings if you don't understand their effects. Incorrect settings can severely hinder your gameplay experience. If you are curious, here is a small article about connection settings.

Custom commands

You may enter anything here, not just binds. Same formatting rules as for the TF2 console. This will be executed at the end of your config and overwrite existing binds.

Class specific custom commands

The following settings will be put into class config files and will only work on specific classes.


Launch options

Click to copy launch options to clipboard