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May 15, 2017

Server generator upgrade and more stuff

Ever dreamed of almost ready server out of the box? Or maybe you always wanted to know how good your TF2 will look like if you install one of our configs? Here is an update, crafted just for you by 200 and xiyzzc.

Thanks to xiyzzc for contributing:

Client config generator 2.5.0

  • More map previews, with australium weapons and WIP item previews
  • Crosshair colors reflect the script/game colors, fixed a bug where mint color did not change anything
  • Detailed nohatsmod demonstration
  • Sound previews are compressed (ogg opus, supported by everything modern except safari/default mobile browsers
  • Sound previews have an autoplay toggle
  • Nosmoke script previres - select between all the possible variants and see how it looks instantly.

Server generator update 1.0.0b:

Take a look at this!

  • Add Metamod and Sourcemod to your server just in a few clicks
  • Adjust admins easily, no need to dig into files by yourself anymore
  • Get packed with most of the popular gamemode pugins: SOAP DM, Advanced Stats,, MGEMod, JumpAssist and more!
  • Generate a mapcycle.txt, you no longer need to fill it up by yourself!
  • Added fastdl URL field

Meet the tools:

Our scientists have developed several tools, just for fun.

  • Bind rotation generator. Just copy and paste some text there and you can harass your enemies in an automatic way (don’t overuse please)
  • ASCI art generator. Just copy/paste ASCI art there and get a fully working console script. Pimp your console! Also works for other Source games.

More stuff: