Weapon-specific crosshairs script file names

In order to manually change the crosshair for a desired weapon, you should know its' script file name. Some of them are a bit confusing, so here is a table containing all the filenames you may need.

The original idea and way of implementing weapon specific crosshairs can be found here.

Weapon name(s) Class Script file name
Scattergun, Force-A-Nature, Back Scatter Scout tf_weapon_scattergun.txt
Soda Popper Scout tf_weapon_soda_popper.txt
Shortstop Scout tf_weapon_handgun_scout_primary.txt
Baby Face's Blaster Scout tf_weapon_pep_brawler_blaster.txt
Pistol and reskins Scout tf_weapon_pistol_scout.txt
Winger, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Scout tf_weapon_handgun_scout_secondary.txt
Flying Guillotine Scout tf_weapon_cleaver.txt
Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-a-Cola Scout tf_weapon_lunchbox_drink.txt
Mad Milk, Jarate, Gas Passer Scout tf_weapon_jar_milk.txt
Bat and all reskins, Candy Cane, Boston Basher, Sun-on-a-Stick, Fan O'War, Atomizer Scout tf_weapon_bat.txt
Holy Mackerel Scout tf_weapon_bat_fish.txt
Sandman Scout tf_weapon_bat_wood.txt
Wrap Assassin Scout tf_weapon_bat_giftwarp.txt
Rocket Launcher, Black Box, Original, Liberty Launcher, Beggar's Bazooka Soldier tf_weapon_rocketlauncher.txt
Direct Hit Soldier tf_weapon_rocketlauncher_directhit.txt
Cow Mangler 5000 Soldier tf_weapon_particle_cannon.txt
Air Strike Soldier tf_weapon_rocketlauncher_airstrike.txt
Shotgun, Reserve Shooter, Panic Attack Soldier tf_weapon_shotgun_soldier.txt
Buff Banner, Battalion's Backup, Concheror Soldier tf_weapon_buff_item.txt
Righteous Bison Soldier tf_weapon_raygun.txt
Shovel and all reskins, Equalizer, Pain Train, Disciplinary Action, Market Gardener, Escape Plan Soldier tf_weapon_shovel.txt
Half-Zatoichi Soldier tf_weapon_katana.txt
Flame Thrower and all reskins, Backburner, Degreaser, Phlogistinator Pyro tf_weapon_flamethrower.txt
Dragon's Fury Pyro tf_weapon_rocketlauncher_fireball.txt
Shotgun, Reserve Shooter, Panic Attack Pyro tf_weapon_shotgun_pyro.txt
Flare Gun, Detonator, Scorch Shot Pyro tf_weapon_flaregun.txt
Manmelter Pyro tf_weapon_flaregun_revenge.txt
Thermal Thruster Pyro tf_weapon_tf_weapon_rocketpack.txt
Gas Passer, Jarate, Mad Milk Pyro tf_weapon_jar.txt
Fire Axe, Lollichop, Axtinguisher and reskin, Homewrecker and reskin, Powerjack, Back Scratcher, Sharpened Volcano Fragment, Third Degree, Neo Pyro tf_weapon_fireaxe.txt
Hot Hand Pyro tf_weapon_tf_weapon_slap.txt
Grenade Launcher, Loch-n-Load, Iron Bomber Demoman tf_weapon_grenadelauncher.txt
Loose Cannon Demoman tf_weapon_cannon.txt
Stickybomb Launcher, Scottish Resistance, Sticky Jumper, Quickiebomb Launcher Demoman tf_weapon_pipebomblauncher.txt
Bottle and all reskins Demoman tf_weapon_bottle.txt
Eyelander, Scotsman's Skullcutter, Claidheamh Mòr, Persian Persuader, Pain Train Demoman tf_weapon_sword.txt
Ullapool Caber Demoman tf_weapon_stickbomb.txt
Half-Zatoichi Demoman tf_weapon_katana.txt
Minigun, Natascha, Brass Beast, Tomislav, Huo-Long Heater Heavy tf_weapon_minigun.txt
Shotgun, Family Business, Panic Attack Heavy tf_weapon_shotgun_hwg.txt
Sandvich, Dalokohs Bar and reskin, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Second Banana Heavy tf_weapon_lunchbox.txt
Fists and all reskins, Killing Gloves of Boxing, Gloves of Running Urgently, Warrior's Spirit, Fists of Steel, Eviction Notice, Holiday Punch Heavy tf_weapon_fists.txt
Shotgun, Widowmaker, Panic Attack Engineer tf_weapon_shotgun_primary.txt
Pomson 6000 Engineer tf_weapon_drg_pompson.txt
Rescue Ranger Engineer tf_weapon_shotgun_building_rescue.txt
Frontier Justice Engineer tf_weapon_sentry_revenge.txt
Pistol Engineer tf_weapon_pistol.txt
Wrangler and reskin Engineer tf_weapon_laser_pointer.txt
Short Circuit Engineer tf_weapon_mechanical_arm.txt
Wrench, Southern Hospitality, Jag, Eureka Effect Engineer tf_weapon_wrench.txt
Gunslinger Engineer tf_weapon_robot_arm.txt
Build PDA Engineer tf_weapon_pda_engineer_build.txt
Destroy PDA Engineer tf_weapon_pda_engineer_destroy.txt
Placing a building Engineer tf_weapon_builder.txt
Syringe Gun, Blutsauger, Overdose Medic tf_weapon_syringegun_medic.txt
Crusader's Crossbow Medic tf_weapon_crossbow.txt
Medi Gun, Kritzkrieg, Quick-Fix, Vaccinator Medic tf_weapon_medigun.txt
Bonesaw and all reskins, Ubersaw, Vita-Saw, Amputator, Solemn Vow Medic tf_weapon_bonesaw.txt
Sniper Rifle, Sydney Sleeper, Bazaar Bargain, Machina Sniper tf_weapon_sniperrifle.txt
Huntsman and reskin Sniper tf_weapon_compound_bow.txt
Hitman's Heatmaker Sniper tf_weapon_sniperrifle_decap.txt
Classic Sniper tf_weapon_sniperrifle_classic.txt
Submachine Gun (SMG) Sniper tf_weapon_smg.txt
Cleaner's Carbine Sniper tf_weapon_charged_smg.txt
Jarate, Mad Milk and Gas Passer Sniper tf_weapon_jar.txt
Kukri and all reskins, Tribalman's Shiv, Bushwacka, Shahanshah Sniper tf_weapon_club.txt
Revolver, Ambassador, L'Etranger, Enforcer, Diamondback Spy tf_weapon_revolver.txt
Knife and all reskins, Your Eternal Reward and reskin, Conniver's Kunai, Big Earner, Spy-cicle Spy tf_weapon_knife.txt
Sapper Spy tf_weapon_sapper.txt
Disguise kit Spy tf_weapon_pda_spy.txt