Taking care of your health while playing

  • I have made a post like this before. But i still hear about people getting damaged wrists, elbows and backs.
  • Not only this, but people get long time health problems, that can be so easily countered. Even if you do not have symptoms yet
  • First off Carpal tunnel syndrome is a real thing. Not a joke.

Stretch you wrist

Take a break

  • You guys might also have heard about streamers and gamers dying after marathon gaming. This is usually due to blood clots forming in their legs, due to poor blood circulation. This can happen over longer periods of time if you are sitting down for long periods of time.
  • It is important to stand up in a while. When working it is recommended that you stand for at least 30 minutes for every sitting 1 hour. But like that is going to happen. I recommend standing up for 2-3 minutes every 20 minutes. Which properly is hard as well if you are playing competitive. But between matches or in the halftime, just stand for as much as you can. even if it is 15 seconds. Jump a few times, get that blood flowing.
  • I usually go pee, refill my water bottle, open a window or just go outside for a few minutes to catch some fresh air between games.
  • TL;DR : Stand up as often and as much as you can. Unless you wanna die from blood clots in your legs.
  • Eye strain. Between games, while you are jumping around, do not look at a monitor. Go outside, get some fresh air. Look around. Here is some good but properly unnecessary eye exercises

Drink water

  • I cannot stress this enough. Water is what helps your bodys blood circulation, metabolism, regulation of body temperature, waste removal and detoxification.
  • If you game for a long time just drinking energy drink or sodas, this can be bad for your whole body (obviously) But lack of water can cause damage to your liver in the long run. Some studies even suggest that dehydration is a hazard in traffic. This is because it will slow down your brain activity. You will react slower. Drink water, get better reactions, get global.
  • If you have a hard time tracking and/or remembering to drink water. Then there is various apps like This one that will lend you a hand.
  • Check here if you drink enough water You will be surprised i promise.

Take care

  • Do not take your body for granted. You only have one. You might be fine now, but we are pretty much the first people to grow up with mouse and keyboards and this amount of PC usage everywhere. That means we do not completely know the long term effects. Do not try to find out. There is a good chance that it does not have the most healthy outcome.
  • Be nice to each other. Watch your mental health as well. Pro tip: disable both voice and text chat if you feel like you are getting angry.
  • There is a difference between helpful critique and flaming. Do not flame your teammate. If you get flamed, either just ignore it. But if he calls no info and is only being a prick, just mute him. Do not waste your valuable energy on someone who cannot even watch their temper.


  • Watch your wrist and avoid First off CTS
  • watch your blood circulation so you do not die from blood clots
  • drink water so you do not dehydrate and lose your games
  • take breaks where you do not look at monitors between games
  • watch your mental health as well